96 - Planning For a New Workstation & Switch

Time to go back to some unfinished projects. Dorothy is working on my new workstation. Something she bought for me a while ago. I’m in the process of finding a new switch for our network. Something I should have done a long time ago.

We’re using the Cisco network lifecycle for this process. We’re also using Monday.com and a few other solutions to help manage our projects. This seems to be working for us.


  1. 24 port Ubiquiti UniFi Switch - This is L2 only. We need an L3 switch.

  2. Cisco WS-C3560CX-12PC-S - This is the switch we would like to get. Used its about $2,000 for 2 plus Cisco SmartNet support.

  3. Cisco WS-C3560CX-12PC-S - New on cdw.com its almost $1,300.

Damien Hull