How do the processor flaws Meltdown & Spectre affect Section 9? A lot of information floating around on the web isn’t very clear. Thanks to a SANS webinar by Jake Williams, we were able to finger this out.

Table – SANS, Jan 4 2018, Webcast Meltdown and Spectre – understanding and mitigating the threats

Allows kernel memory readYesNo
Was patched with KAISER/KPTYesNo
Leaks arbitrary user memoryYesYes
Could be executed remotelySometimesDefinitely
Most Likely to ImpactKernel integrityBrowser memory
Practical attacks againstIntelIntel, AMD, ARM


  1.  Jake Williams
  2. Webcast: Meltdown and Spectre – understanding and mitigating the threats – You will need a SANS account to access it. It is listed in the archives.
  3. Chrome Site Isolation