We put a network together using a pfSense firewall and an Asus Wi-Fi router. I followed our Cisco Network Lifecycle to create a checklist. Dorothy was able to check things off the list and create a functioning network. We talk about the process, the hardware, what we learned and what we need to work on.




pFsense Firewall

  1. Double check all interface configurations
  2. Double check DHCP Server configuration
    1. Network Address
    2. Default Gateway
    3. Pool of addresses that are given out
    4. DNS address given out by DHCP
  3. WAN Interface
    1. Change this to DHCP assigned – Do this at the end.

Asus Wi-Fi Router

  1. Reset this back to factory settings
  2. Give it an address on the network
  3. Configure it for AP mode
  4. Configure Wi-Fi
    1. SSID
    2. Preshared Key