In this episode I share my firewall story, we go over our IP address issues, and a few things we will be working on in the future.

Back in 1998 and 1999 I was going to school for IT. One of the things I learned about was a firewall. Before getting off of dial-up internet and switching to cable, I decided to build my own firewall. Around the same time I had learned about Red Hat Linux from a book I found at the book store. I also found a book on building a firewall using Linux or OpenBSD. With my limited Linux knowledge, I was able to build my own firewall. I new next to nothing about firewall’s. I built my own anyway. You learn a lot by playing with the devices.

We ran into an IP address issue with our current firewall project. Dorothy wanted to use the network addres The IP address she wanted to use for the LAN side of the firewall was This became a problem when we tried to assign a set of addresses for the DHCP server. It turns out that isn’t the first IP address in the network. It happens to be in the middle. Issues like this are discovered when you play with the devices. Something that a book may not cover.

Future Projects

  1. Agile – Project management process
  2. Secunia PSI – Identify and upgrade the software on your PC
  3. RansomFree – Protect your PC from ransomeware