An overview of Information security best practices from SANS, NIST, ISACA, ISO and the Center for Internet Security. We are currently focusing on the SANS Intrusion Detection Cheat Sheet for Linux. This cheat sheet helps Linux administrators find evidence of system compromise or unauthorized access.

As presented in the video, here’s the list of organizations that provide industry best practices.


  1. Organization focused on security training and certification
  2. GIAC Certifications – GSEC, GCED, GCIH
  3. Lots Free information at the SANS reading room


  1. National Institute of Science and Technology
  2. Standards and guidelines for security
  3. They have a lot of free resources


  1. Organization focused on security certifications
  2. They don’t offer training like SANS does
  3. Business oriented


  1. International Standards Organization
  2. Security Frameworks


  1. Center for Internet Security
  2. Famous for the CIS Critical Security Controls
    1. List of 20 security controls that every organization should implement
    2. Use to be the SANS top 20