We are using Kali Linux and Nmap to gather information from our network. We walk you through five different types of Nmap scans.

  1. Aggressive scan – TCP scan covering the 1000 well known ports
  2. Specific Port Scan – Scanning a specific port
  3. All port scan – Scanning port 1 to 65535
  4. UDP scan – A basic UDP scan
  5. Host discovery scan – Ping sweep for host discovery

Are there other types of Nmap scans? Sure there are. I picked these five because they are easy to do and they provide us with the most important information.

Do I use these Nmap scans? You bet I do. I play the part of IT manager by day. The network is spread across five office locations. The ping sweep or host discovery scan has been a life saver. No documentation for network devices? Not a problem. Ping sweep to the rescue.

As we migrate Section 9 to DigitalOcean, we will be scanning our virtual privet servers on a regular basis. This will become part of our own internal security audit process. Did we configure the Linux firewall correctly? Did we setup services on the correct ports? Do we have any open ports that shouldn’t be open? Is our server giving away too much information?

An Nmap scan or two can answer all these questions. Scan, analyze and secure the system. Rinse and repeat.